Competitive Commissions

Our fee structure is simple and transparent, ensuring you are fully aware of any charges.

Buy/Sell fees on US Stocks0%
Buy/Sell fees European Stocks/ETFs0.1%
Maintenance Fees0%
Currency Conversion0%
Spread Only

Other Fees:

Stamp Duty

a charge of 0.5% for British Common Stocks and 1% for Irish Stocks is applied when buying UK securities.

French Financial Tax

a charge of 0.3% is applied on Buy-side trades for specific French securities

Spain Financial Tax

a charge of 0.2% is applied on all Buy-side trades for stocks whose market capitalization exceeds EUR 1 Billion

Italy Financial Tax

a charge of 0.1% is applied on all Buy-side trades

Buy/Sell fees0%
Spread Only
Maintenance Fees 0%
Currency Conversion0%
Spread Only
Premium is charged on leveraged open positions. The leverage and premium rate are displayed in each instrument's info.
The leverage is offered up to 1:30.

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